Hi! I'm Adam. Thanks for visiting.

Tinto Hill Race, Nov 2015

I'm an Edinburgh-based web developer. I find simple ways to solve complex problems.

My specialization is in building high-performance browser applications, but I'm also comfortable working full-stack and have almost 10 years experience doing so.

When not at work, I can often be seen running up hills in Scotland.


How I get things done

1 One of my aims for the year is to develop something in Haskell. I'm also looking at Elm as a Mithril alternative (h/t @sanityinc).


What I'm working on

Fun with TypeScript!

Since 2013 I have been working on some very demanding mapping applications at RSK Orbital. We build products for the likes of Network Rail, National Grid and SNCF.

Performance has always been the critical factor on these projects, and our data requirements often push us to the limit of browser capabilities.

Outside of work I am currently interested in p2p applications, and am investigating the technologies behind the OStatus protocol, after seeing it implemented on mastondon.social (and being wowed).